Barcelona 2012

I am ALL ABOUT walking around aimlessly, camera in hand, with no agenda or time table.  I didn’t get to do much of that this trip, but what I saw of Barcelona, I liked.  It was as visually interesting as mon amour Paris, although the vibe of the city was completely different.  I saw some of Gaudi’s works only in passing and wasn’t able to get photos.  Oh well… now I have an excuse to go back some day!

I was in visual ecstasy for sure, but this was my favorite:

As always, you can view more photos here.


5 responses to “Barcelona 2012

    • Thanks, Jessica! It’s hard for me to get out of my comfort zone of posting a pic SOOC, but it is important to me to convey the mood of the place. Thank you for noticing!

  1. Lovely photos, I hope you are able to come back. You should explore my neighbourhood of Gracia if you were not there before. Try to come in Summer, they have the epic Fiesta Major, and it’s a photographers paradise. Also the mood of the city completely changes in summer.

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